Finding Answers: Today's Consumers

In today’s connected world, consumers find answers to their questions and problems in a very different way than they did even 10 years ago. Card catologues and extensive directories or menus are overlooked in favor of the search engine. Tools like Google and Wikipedia can take your input of a few words and deliver resources (or links to them) that have already been processed and analyzed for quality and trustworthiness.

Jeff Jarvis of explains the power of these web giants well in a recent blog post entitled ‘The collaboration economy’;

That’s how Google sees us, capturing our links and clicks to discover the value of those million – no, trillion – flying pages. That’s how Wikipedia and Craigslist created their value, dealing in trust and membership as a new currency.

That’s right,  we still use other people to determine the value of content and information but to determine that value, we search using tools like these. If we are looking for the number of quarts in a gallon we type that in, if we want to know about the specs on that new athletic shoe a customer just called about we type that in, and if we need to know who to call if our water pipe breaks, we search that too.

What does that mean for you and your business? How are you making information available to your customers and employees? How can it be made more available? How can it be made…. searchable?

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